Children & Schools Audio Anthology

Table of Contents

Chance, by Sean

Chance is big and small

and can pass in the blink of an eye

or stay for quite awhile.

It’s not always going to be there

for you so sometimes you have to pick it up.

Sometimes y’all are friends

and sometimes she can be quite shy

but with clear understanding and patience

time will fly right by.

Chance is dynamic in every way

and not always easy to gauge.

Chance is what you make it. She is almost a part of you.

For some she is there,

more blind she is,

can’t tell from the rich or poor.

You think she’s always on your side,

but sometime she goes away to hide.

Sometimes life is tough

and chance just isn’t enough.

Walking, by Sean

Walking the quiet daft roads,

at night the soldier’s thought may be a fright.

Snealthing about, lonely and cold,

suddenly twriliome blows.

He grabs Garbish nearby,

but suddenly he starts to fly.

Confusled he is, he has no time to think.

Abruptly the storm has stopped,

he grabs his Rockawear and begins to prepare.

Life, by David

Life is what you make it,

Whether you make it, or just fake it,

From politicians with all the fancy things,

To the mother of 4 working long nights at Burger King.

Life will continue as planned.

Life waits for no man,

Don’t wait on life to do you right

Not everyone’s name goes up in Neon lights

Because life is what you make it.

And I wish all of us could make it

A white picket fence, a Mercedes Benz,

A couple millions, and a bunch of Friends

But life is what you make it.

Don’t hide from problems, just face it

Cuz life goes on, so right your wrongs

and if you have a chance, then take it.

Ties, by David

I’m not too fond of ties

dad said its part of being a guy

So I wine and cry and give the tie a try

But I’m not too fond of ties.

At church I think it’s the worst shirt,

Choking from the tie on my shirt

So I sit and groan and beg to go home

then I see a cute girl in a skirt.

Blond girl with some pretty blue eyes

She told me she likes my red tie.

So I might not be fond, but I feel

like James Bond

Maybe I’ll give ties a couple more tries.

And now I always look sharp

Ties separate the boys and men apart

Now I always look Fresh in a suit or a vest

With a tie 100% silk, not cloth.

The First Glimpse, by Michael

They say when you are lost

you are more likely to be found.

The first glimpse of you

made me stand on holy ground.

Yet, your first glimpse of me

was blank and nothing more.

In the clearest part of my soul

I tried to make a stand

but before we even met

our hearts were already

in each others hands.

So as I walked by you

in that simple one second stair

I’ve realized

I think God just answered

a forgotten prayer.

Never Thought, by Giovanni

Walking down the street,

seeing her for the first time,

I never believed in Love.

Never thought

I would see this,


falling in a trance,

best I ever had

’cause the way she dress,

the love she showed

me will never

be in the past.

I Prefer, by Ricci

I prefer the Dallas Cowboys

over any other NFL team.

I prefer the Dallas Mavericks

over any NBA team.

I prefer to play basketball

than football because I am better.

I prefer snapback than fitted

because it’s old school.

I prefer Lil Bossie’s

and Z-Ro’s music over any other

because they be talking

about real life stuff.

This Place Ain't For Me, by Ashley

Being in that place

gave me a lot of time to think

and to ask myself

do I really want this?

Do I really want to be here?

Knowing something could happen.

Knowing I got friends and family

needing me.

But as I sit here

I think

I don’t want to be here,

waking up to ugly smells

and noisy people.

I can do better than this

and I will

do better than this.

Untitled, by Ashley

I, as all teenage mothers, have explored being a young mother for eight months.

And, as all teenage mothers, I feel upset and sad for the fact that we are young, and we teenage mothers have destroyed our lives.  And not only that, I have realized that us destroying our lives, we are also destroying our children’s lives.  Because we are so young that we are not able to provide much for our children, because we ourselves are still children.

I, as all teenage mothers, think it’s not fair for our children to be born from such young parents.  Because being teenagers, having children at a young age, isn’t right.

And we, as all teenage mothers, need to put a stop to this all.  Because it’s not right for our children to suffer because of our mistakes and the bad decisions we have made.

Hurricane Katrina, by Sandra

Lord, I can remember walking around,

looking good, hair all done and stuff,

saying hey to friends, swimming in the lake,

fishing and then later going to Granny’s house

and eating and having family time.

Then I found out I had to move to Dallas.

I didn’t know why, I was just told I had to.

About a year later, I went back,

but this time I wasn’t happy.

The candy house we used to go to

was not there anymore.

Cars were flipped over.

Trees were everywhere.

My house I used to stay in—gone.

All the places from my memories—gone.

The park I fell in—gone.


I have nothing from childhood memories,

I can’t go back and visit my ‘hood

because it’s gone.

You, by Sandra

You ain’t about what you be talking ’bout. You lie a lot. You say you lived that life.  LOL. Girl, you ain’t lived it.  you say you got money.  if I put something in your face to sell in a day, it will take you three weeks. You just wanna be about that life cuz you wanna be me. Tell you what you need to be yourself. Cuz you will die trying to be me.

Get Out of Here, by Sandra

I wanna give back to my hood,

build back houses that was destroyed.

I wanna be in New Orleans.

I wanna change the fact

that it so hot in the daytime.

I wanna change the nighttime

so li’l kids and women won’t get snatched up.

What I wanna change about the outside? Bugs.

What I wanna change about downtown

is all the homeless crazy people.

I love the Charger. That’s my favorite car.

I wanna change that I sleep a lot.

I wanna change the taste of onions.

What I wanna change about my dreams is killing dreams.

I really don’t know what

I wanna change about the world.

Minds, by Caytlyn

My mind,

an uncontrollable part of me,

something too amazing,

a thing so loud you go insane.

Only I can handle this domain.
Something filled with jokes and laughter.

All you ever hear is chatter.
But yours?

Yours is filled with boys

so heavily, there’s no more room for joys.

Drowned in showing off all those goodies:

you should start wearing hoodies.

Start acting mature; get off them boys

and start focusing on them chores.

You’re super nasty.

Go clean yourself up;

you look a little trashy.

Today, by Austin

Today I am a paper airplane

flying around the world.

The wind stops me.

Me, by Austin

I am proud of who I am.

I love to play sports.

I like art.

I like to build.
I like to play golf.

I like the team Miami Heat.

I like to help others.

I like to help young kids.

I try to respect adults.

Choices, by Brianna

I choose music instead of screaming.
I choose Twilight over other books.
I choose swimming over walking.
I choose Costa Rica over Dallas, TX.
I choose Josue over my other friends.
I choose movies instead of television.
I choose ribs instead of steak.
I choose ice cream instead of cookies.
I choose pit bulls over Yorkies.
I choose talking over silence.

My Mind, by Brianna

My mind is off key.
I think unclearly
like a cloudy day.
I have a heart
that is as red as an apple.
I have a corpse on its way.
I think of one person
everyday that means
a lot to me.

I Would Never Go Back, by Brianna

A mother gets beaten
by a man that sexually abused her
while her child is locked in the closet crying.
The man beats her
and the child cries
and there is no way out.

Summer, by Audry
Kiehla's Monologue, by Audry

I just made three big sells
and I have more coming in,
he’s acting like the world’s going to end,
I’m not fucking up, he says
I didn’t sell enough
but I’ll have the car payment by Friday.
Everything’s always about the dope.
I watched my parents fall apart
because of the dope.
I don’t want to turn out
the same.

Division, by Audry

This division must end.
–Christianne Balk

This division must end
in sadness and disbelief,
far away from home.
Not all of us need help.
So I take this opportunity to get better,
not worse.
To take my chance and make myself
the best for myself and the ones
who love me.
So I’ve learned to take the things
I’ve been told and given
not for granted.
What you give
is what you get.

Nate, by Andrew

Nate looked at himself in the mirror and sighed.
What am I going to do with my life? Look at me.
I’m a piece of trash.
He took a cigarette out and lit it. He took a long drag.
This is my fourth pack today.
He looked at the pack then set it on the counter.
I need to find a job, move out, quit smoking, pursue music.
He stared into his green eyes
while he puffed on his cigarette.
If mom and dad were still aroun
they would think I was a wreck.
There was a slight knock on the door.

The Beach House, by Andrew

The beach house, the rushing wind,
the loud waves and soft sand.
I wish I could go back to it.
We go to the ocean and watch
the waves crash into the shore,
washing up crabs, shells, and seaweed.
I feel the wind go up and down
my back while I drink soda
and watch the volleyball players

Please Don't Leave, by Andrew

“Please don’t leave,” I said to my mother as she lay in the hospital bed.  “I know you can hear me.”

My mother would be lifeless if it wasn’t for the shallow breaths coming from her mouth.  I sat there and cried in disbelief.  I could feel the melancholy thickening as I choked on my tears.  I held her hand and listened to the faint beeps on the monitor.  I felt hopeless.

I started sniffling and reached for the tissue box.  I took a tissue out and blew my nose.  I kept crying.  I examined the tissue box.  The floral design in blue kind of brought about a depressing feeling.  I set the box back down on the table and put my head in my hands.  I continued sobbing until I heard a slight knock on the door.

I looked up at the door then at my mother.  “The door is open,” I said.  “You can come in.”

The door slowly opened and a tall, dark figure stood in the doorway.

I called him in.  “Sir, you can come in.”

He walked in slowly.  I couldn’t see his facial features through his thick, white beard, but I did notice a change in the atmosphere.  It became lighter.  The depression was drained and happiness entered.  He walked up to my mother, touched her head and said, “Get up.  Your son is waiting.”

She opened her eyes after the four day coma and looked at me.  I looked at the man and asked, “Who are you?”

Strangers in the Dark, by Brandon

There was a time, there was a place
where darkness held a frightful face.
Close the windows, lock the doors.
Mommy, we can’t trust the night no more.
Strangers are here. Evil’s around.
I step out the door, and I find myself bound,
but nights pass by, and years do too,
slowly I’m changing the things I know.
I gain some trust. Relationships mend.
Who knew that the night would be my best friend?
The stars are bright, the room filled with peace.
I enjoy the serenity that loiters the streets.
And these days I lie, sleeping so soundly,
content with the night and the friendship that found me.

Mermaid Among the Sirens, by Brandon

Deep and black, forever falling, is my mind.
Skeletons clad in royalty, brown clocks that tell no time.
Do you hear the ocean, obsidian black and forever young,
cold hands that hold the hearts of lovers, remembering days that we had once?
But further down the vine a heart that blossoms roses,
white rays of sunshine shows upon those that are closest.
I hear a roar, a lion atop rocks of glory,
a wise old man beneath a tree, telling truths that he calls stories.
That old man is time.

Your mind? A rolling field of bonnets,
a waterfall of blue haikus that soaks the world with beautiful sonnets,
deep and pure, hand reaching down saving the souls from denial,
a beach that spans forever, people’s faces clear with smiles,
a morning of significance, a drop among the dew,
a sky clear of clouds, a mountain where birds once flew,
known by two natives as a place we call gaia.

Dear Frank, by Brandon

My eyes are cast and this dim candlelit room

does little to cover up these foreboding bruises.

These eyes once took in so much sun

yet it seems the essence of my gaze now is pain.
Pain for myself, pain for you, pain for the years

you have stood by my side, and I did little to heed your advice,

but as a child you learn as a child,

and it is now time for me to cast away childish things.

I hate to leave you like this,

but know your words were not in vain

for somewhere deep down there is a lost teenage girl

who slowly learned to pick her head up from the ground

at the sound of your soft voice. Thank you

for all you have done, Frank,

and I know in my heart your time

will come just as mine will

and you will love again, too.

To a father and a mentor, thank you.

All my love,


Ode to a Daughter, by Aracely

A daughter, fair and trustworthy,

has long, light brown hair,

the most beautiful girl on the block

is envied by many.

She sets the example of beauty.

But she encounters a wizard

who’s heard of her appearance;

mean girls make a deal with him

to turn her into a frog and ruin her.

She is trapped in his dark house.

She sends a message to her family.

Her mom sends some potion with a butterfly

to break the spell

and her beauty comes back.

Bedroom, by Aracely

I am here

in my bedroom staring

at these four walls

next to the window.

It is foggy outside

and there are lots of birds outside

my window.

I set out a birdhouse with food

for them to eat and

they come quickly.

My room is so cold,

and I’m drinking

a Coke while

I’m at my desk, writing

this letter to you.

The television is turned on

and plays music videos

I sing along to.

My feet are cold

because I’m wearing no shoes

and my floor is cold.

My fingers hurt.

My hair is

tied up

and my nails are painted

black and have


on them.

Near the Woods, by Aracely

A boy and a girl walk in the woods along the coast.  A boy and girl hold hands and laugh while walking slowly by the beach.  The boy is talking in a romantic way, and the girl is blushing and smiling.  They sit by the water, and he starts rubbing the girl’s face, telling her she’s beautiful.  He kisses her cheek and hugs her tight.  They are so happy, and the moon shines on the water.

Behind them are dark trees.  The boy and girl are just focused on each other, so they don’t notice the stuff in the woods, like the bushes moving, the sound of leaves falling off trees, people’s feet in the piles of leaves, and birds flying all around.

They make a heart together in the sand with their names in it.  The boy sings a love song to her, and they end it with a kiss and a swim in the water.

Sunshine, by Sierra

Sunshine, sunshine it’s fine
I feel it in my skin
warming up my mind
sometimes you gotta give in
I love the days when it shines
let it shine.

The Waterfall, by Maria

The morning sun gazed above us with its tangy orange color.  My mouth opened as wide as a bear’s cave, and my appetite began.  The smell of onion, spices, and lemon mixed into a beautiful combination which makes your mouth water.  As my nose followed the smell, I gazed at many beautiful sights, but none was magnificently beautiful as the Turner Falls.  As if by magic, my appetite left, and I started toward the waterfall.

Walked so near that I could have sworn I saw eels swimming in the water.  I stood there for ten minutes or so, when I heard someone call my name.  It was my brother.

“When are you coming to eat?  Can’t you see that I’m starving every second I wait for you?”

Still frozen, I just pointed at the waterfall.

“So what?  That’s just like when you take a shower.”

When he said that, I got mad.  That’s when I didn’t care if he missed eating.  What I cared about was staying there, protecting the waterfall.

A Day Outside, by Edith

A soon as I went outside, my friend came to my house.  I asked her what she wanted to do.  My friend said that she wanted to get wet, and I told her OK.  So we were splashing, and my friend said that there were some cute boys she saw, and she asked what their names were.  I told her it was Vidon and Castro.  I told her that I know them.  She said that’s cool.  So Vidon and Castro called me and asked what my friend’s name was.  I told them it was Alondra.

Then my mom left, and she locked the door.  I told my mom I was going to get in by the window.  I told Alondra that we had to get in the window.  Alondra asked why.  I said because my mom  locked the door.  So then Vidon and Castro were looking at us when we left inside.  They were not there.

Puppy, by Jeyny

We were all ready to go pick up our new puppy, and my mom said, “Let’s go get our puppy.”  We left and didn’t know which one to get, the original color or the black, white, and gray German Shepherd.  But we got the black, white, and gray.  Then when we got home, we had a celebration for him so he would feel like he was home.  He stayed in our house, and he got used to us because he liked us, mainly me, because I treat him like he was a real baby.  I loved the way he looked because he was very chubby and looked like a fat baby, just in dog form.  So we named him Oso, and, when we took him to the vet, the vet said that he was a very good dog.

The Great Walk, by Javier

Vroom, Vroom!  My father turned on the motor.  We all needed to relax.  So we decided to go to the lake.  We took a soccer ball and some water.  My dad and me found my mom and my two sisters in their walk.  My dad and I stopped when we found a great spot to kick the ball around.  It took my mom and my sisters a long time to go walk around the lake.  I saw people in motor boats.  I wished I had a motor boat.  My dad and I got bored, so we joined my mom and my sisters on the walk.  A few minutes later, my dad and I went to Walgreen’s to buy some bread.  When we got there, my mom and my dad sat on the beach while my sister and I fed the ducks.  We saw a whole family of ducks, so we gave some to the baby ducklings.  We saw the sunset and we left for home.

The Best Christmas Family Reunion, by Leticia

One cold morning as I walked to the living room, I saw the beautiful Christmas tree and the big yellow star that illuminated the room.  There were presents all around it, big and small.  My cousins and brothers and me gathered around to open the presents.  They started to open the presents.  Paper gathered around all over the living room.  I saw a present that was for me.  It was a red bag with flowers and it wasn’t that big.  It was some clothes and other stuff.  I just got a few presents more.  Then my aunt brought some yummy chocolate chip cookies and some milk.