2018 marks The Writer’s Garret’s 23nd birthday of our trek from a “kitchen table” writers’ group to a full-fledged nonprofit literary arts center. Today, we still serve the visions of those charter trustees, writers and educators who shared the conviction that quality literature, reading, and writing are essential to the health and well-being of all people.


In the 23 years since our inception, we have brought the power of the literary arts to over 2 million people. Traditionally, we’ve sent thousands of writers into communities and schools to effect positive change through publications, events, media, and outreach programs that have garnered local, regional, and national recognition: 19 NEAs in 20 years; twice ranked #1 literary project and three times the #1 literary arts organization in the state; the Writers Studio, our acclaimed literary series taped for NPR-affiliates, named both “Best of Dallas” and “Best of Big D”; TEX Magazine, our print literary magazine, in only 5 published issues achieved the highest circulation of any literary magazine in the country. 


To foster the education and development of readers, writers, and audiences, by putting them in touch with quality literature, each other, and the communities in which they live and write.


The Writer’s Garret’s main goals are to achieve the following through programs and projects that address our mission:

(1) Build a community of readers, educators, and writers that care about the development and dissemination of literature, reading, and writing;
(2) Educate our young to understand, appreciate, and support the impact of literature, reading, and writing;
(3) Provide opportunities for the education and betterment of individuals and communities through enhanced reading and writing skills that cultivate an appreciation of quality literature and critical thinking;
(4) Enable wide and equal access to the stories, letters, and cultural ideas that underscore and challenge our most recognized and cherished ideologies;
(5) Strengthen the infrastructure of educational, literary, and cultural partnerships capable of furthering the impact of literature, reading, and writing.


Over the years, we’ve served over 2 million readers, writers, children & youth, educators and others, sharing with them the value of reading and writing quality, crafted language.

  • Children & Youth: Longitudinal studies conducted in DISD and through several of our educational partners have demonstrated that young people in our educational programs show “significant” increases in reading and writing skills and testing scores than their counterparts not studying with us.
  • Adult Writers: Many writers attribute their work with The Writer’s Garret as leading to many publications, awards and honors, tours, and faculty appointments.