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How Not to Be Intimidated by Poetry (and Perhaps Write Some of Your Own)

Sept 30, 12-3pm @ Deep Vellum Books

Instructor: Lisa Huffaker
Tuition: Pay what you can ($10 suggested donation)

In this workshop, we will work together to demystify the various ways in which poets — and poems — create an aesthetic experience via careful, imaginative manipulations of language. We will read aloud individual poems by a diverse array of poets and discuss the various elements of poetic expression and how those elements make meaning. We will concentrate especially on the sensual or perceptible rather than cerebral qualities of each poem. We will pay special attention to “seeing poetry”: the poem’s arrangement on the page. Finally, we will apply what we have gleaned from our collective reading to a series of short creative writing exercises designed to encourage further appreciation of poetic language as an artistic medium.

Why These Monkeys: Strengthening Heroines and Villains in Women’s Fiction

Oct 6, 1-4pm

Instructor: Amanda Arista
Tuition: Early Registration $50 (Both members and non-members before 11:59pm, September 21)
$50 (Members); $65 (Non-members)

Readers want real, bruised women who shake it off and get back up. They want situations that are tough but relatable. Readers want stumbling, but the grace to keep on walking. It is a balancing act between traumatized and unscathed, between faking it and making it. During this workshop, Amanda will walk you through her tried and true tips to help amp up the heroine’s character arc, create a logical character wound, and help define the meatier areas to explore in woman’s fiction heroines. To oppose that, she will take you through the strengths your antagonist will need to have and how to create sympathy in both.

Ekphrasis: Poetic Response to Visual Art

Oct 20, 1-4pm

Instructor: Logen Cure
Tuition: Early Registration $50 (Both members and non-members before 11:59pm, October 5)
$50 (Members); $65 (Non-members)

Ekphrasis, or responding to visual art in poetry, is an important literary tradition. This workshop will explore as ekphrasis as a tool to discovery and increased poetic skill. Come prepared to generate work in response to visual art on display in the ArtSpace gallery. This workshop is suitable for all poets at all levels of experience.

Reflecting Real Diversity in Your Writing

Oct 21, 1-4pm

Instructor: Richard J. Gonzales | Tuition: Early Registration $50 (Both members and non-members before 11:59pm, October 6)
$50 (Members); $65 (Non-members)

This workshop offers writers seeking to write responsibly about diverse people information, examples, and exercises on how to reach this goal. An increasing, multicultural reading audience, agents and publishers expect writers to create and describe diverse characters, settings, and motives in a manner reflective of their complex culture and conflicts, and devoid of stereotypes and alternative facts. Class participants will review examples of excellent diverse writing, examining dialogue, characterization, and setting. They will review their own cultural framework through the use of a culturagram and learn about implicit bias and its role on perceptions. They will engage in diversity writing exercises that will challenge them to push beyond their normal cultural experiences. Students will receive handouts and references for practice and follow up.

Be Heard: Strategies for Performing Written Text

Oct 27, 1-4pm

Instructor: Aaron Glover
Tuition: Early Registration $50 (Both members and non-members before 11:59pm, October 12)
$50 (Members); $65 (Non-members)

What we say matters, but how we say it matters too. This active three-hour workshop will explore strategies for both the composition and performance of dynamic texts. Participants will work on the page to craft persuasive, engaging writing and on their feet to bring life to a variety of texts, from Shakespeare to contemporary poets to  their own work. Open to writers and speakers of any genre. Please be aware there will be light physical activity in this workshop.

Revising Like an Editor

Oct 28, 1-4pm

Instructor: Amber Helt | Tuition: Early Registration $50 (Both members and non-members before 11:59pm, October 13)
$50 (Members); $65 (Non-members)
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To write is to revise—But how do you find the distance necessary to edit your own work? In this workshop, professional editor Amber Helt will walk you through the process of self-editing like a pro. We’ll discuss the different types of editing passes, how a professional assesses a manuscript, and where to start revising your own work. This workshop will focus on developmental and line editing for fiction writers. Participants will submit a scene from their own writing ahead of time to be workshopped by the group.

Submission Tools for the Wary Writer

Nov 3, 1-4pm

Instructor: Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Tuition: Early Registration $50 (Both members and non-members before 11:59pm, April 6)
$50 (Members); $65 (Non-members)

Navigating the world of short story and poetry submissions can be taxing for any writer. Not only do we have to thicken our skin for the possibility of rejection, we also need to keep motivated, organized, and well-informed as to which markets will work best for us. In this workshop we’ll talk emotional and practical tools writers of literary and speculative short stories and poetry can use when embarking into the world of submissions, with a handful of recommendations for online resources.