Stone Soup Peer Critique Groups

A free monthly writers' group for every type of writer

Mixed Genre Group

Mixed Genre Group, coordinated by Mike Firth


Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays (w/ 5th Tuesdays by group vote), 7PM – 8:30PM @ Lucky Dog Books, 10534 Garland Rd, 75218

Prose & Poetry Group

Prose and Poetry Peer Workshop, coordinated by Mark Noble


Meets 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 10AM – 12PM @ The Writer’s Garret, 1250 Majesty Drive, Dallas, 75247

Poetry Group

Poetry Workshop Group, coordinated by Paul Koniecki and Reverie Evolving


Meets 4th Tuesdays, 7PM – 9PM @ The Wild Detectives, 314 W Eighth St, Dallas, TX 75208

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To check the status of individual meetings, look at our event calendar! If a meeting session has been cancelled or rescheduled, it will be removed from the calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Stone Soup?

A. Stone Soup Peer Critique Groups offer three different spaces for writers at any level to connect with other writers in the Dallas literary community for free on a monthly basis. If you’re looking for a space that will offer constructive feedback on your creative writing in an easygoing, close-knit workshop environment, Stone Soup is for you.

Q. What is the difference between the three groups?

A. Stone Soup Prose & Poetry emphasizes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and stage plays.

Stone Soup Mixed Genre emphasizes long-form fiction (especially science fiction, fantasy, or other forms of experimental or speculative fiction) and memoir. However, short-form works, creative essays, screenplays, stage plays, and art criticism are all welcome here. Submissions are sent in advance via email.

Stone Soup Poetry welcomes poetry in all forms, including prose poetry. Discussion may occasionally  include topics of interest outside the critique format, such as generative writing exercises.

Q. Do I have to sign up in advance?

A. Stone Soup Peer Critique Groups are open to the public and do not require advance registration. However, please note that Mixed Genre sends pieces for critique in advance via an email group, so please contact the group ([email protected]) to submit and receive pieces for critique. See Mixed Genre Meeting Guidelines above for more information.

Q. Do I need previous writing experience?

A. No. Stone Soup welcomes everyone interested in growing as a writer, novice and expert alike. However, do keep in mind that this is a critique environment, and you will be expected to offer and accept constructive feedback. Please keep in mind that this is a workshop, not a performance. If you feel that a particular work is finished, you may feel more comfortable saving that item for a public reading.

Q. How large are the critique groups?

A. At this time, our groups have an intimate size of less than 12 people for most meetings.

Q. How do I submit my work?

A. Please see the guidelines documents posted above for submission protocol for each group. 

 Q. Can I submit longer works?

A. You certainly can, but please understand that no matter how long the work, only 8-10 pages will be covered in Prose & Poetry and only 10-12 pages will be covered for Mixed Genre. Please respect your fellow writers’ time by breaking down your manuscript to this length. Additionally, please be aware that if a long work is under consideration, a page recapping prior pieces is helpful for those critiquing your work.

The group consists of impressive, committed writers […]. They were welcoming to me and I am delighted that I decided to try it.  […]  The level of detail and the constructive, positive attitudes are just what I need.
Dinah Waranch

Stone Soup Prose & Poetry

Great workshop. I was really nervous, but excited and so glad to be a part of the first one at the new location of Lucky Dog Books! Thanks for making me feel welcome and giving me a safe place to hone my art.

Desmene Statum

Stone Soup Poetry