Cancer Support Community

The Writer’s Garret is beginning its fourth year working with the Cancer Support Community (CSC) to facilitate creative-writing programs for those impacted by this terrible disease. Some participants are in remission or recently diagnosed; others may be survivors or family members simply needing a safe place to explore hidden fears or voice complex inner grief, anxiety, determination, and hope.

Creative writing in the form of Writing Therapy was instituted as a treatment over 200 years ago at Pennsylvania Hospital. Jack Coulehan, MD, says “Poetry and medicine are so closely intertwined . . . When you go back in history and think about how healing occurred in traditional societies, most healing was [related to] the power of the word.”

New research shows that creative / expressive narrative shapes brains and grows new white matter, augments personal challenges with virtual experience, and even reduces breast tumors (M.D. Anderson). Writing is a proven way to relieve depression, effectively putting a name on those unacknowledged feelings burrowing beneath consciousness and helping us to locate inner strength that goes way beyond mere transcendence.

Over the years, our partnership with the CSC has led to multiple panels, workshops for the struggling and bereaved, children’s art-writing classes through their “Noogieland,” and more. Also, courtesy of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) , we are able to offer many free spots in our regular creative writing courses for anyone directly struggling with cancer.

Watch our calendar for upcoming opportunities.