North Texas Giving Day Donors

Thank YOU!

Thank YOU for your generosity!

YOU saved the day!

Because of some incredibly generous individuals, couples and businesses, The Writer’s Garret raised over $18,000 on North Texas Giving Day this year. 

These funds allow us to keep connecting readers and writers with great literature and each other; they help fund programs that work with veterans, cancer survivors, under-served youth and the local literary community; they keep our 24-year-long story going into year 25.

We’d like to publicly recognize the businesses and individuals who made this day a success. Thanks to:

Leigh Allbritton
Kara Altenbaumer-Price
Rand Ballard
Lori Basa
Jim Barnhart
The Brantley Family
Sara Brooks
Suzanne Buss
Fran Carris
Sara Brooks & Michael Clay
Sherrie Coleman
Scott Davison
The M&G Desmond Family
Jeanne Devine
The DeVore Family
Rebecca Eldredge
Shannon & Anthony Epner
Callie Ewing
Matt & Rachel Gibson
The R.L. & Phyllis Glazer Foundation
Adrian Cardwell & Aaron Glover
Gil R. Glover
Blue Harris
Jihane Hechaime
John L. Hendricks
Heritage Auctions
Amanda Hickey
Josh Hickman
Julia Hosch
John Howe
James Johanns
Greg & Ellen Johnson
Jon & Shana
Amit Joshi
Zan Keith
Charles Kesler
Lou & Karen Keyes
Mike Matthews
Elsa Manzanares
Julianne B. McCullagh
Thea Temple & Bob McCoy
Metropolitan Press
Jeff Mikula
Rosanne Messineo Mills
Clifton Nixon
Neal Ostman
Diane M. Parker
Michael Puttonen
Kyle Pyron
Carole & Van Robertson
Gina Rogers
Telisa Schelin
Jennifer Scripps
Stephen Souris
Amy Elizabeth Stewart
Poppy Sundeen
Beatriz Terrazas
Melissa Tinning
Audrey Turner
Brandy Moriah Wicker
Laura Yoo