About Us


History, Mission, & Goals

As a literary arts center based in Dallas, programs of The Writer’s Garret explore connections people make through language, art, imagination, and their own sense of what it means to be human.

Who, What, & Where

2016 marks The Writer’s Garret’s 21st birthday of our trek from a “kitchen table” writers’ group to a full-fledged nonprofit literary arts center. Today, we still serve the visions of those charter trustees, writers and educators who shared the conviction that quality literature, reading, and writing are essential to the health and well-being of civilized people.

Our Impact

Since 1994 The Writer’s Garret has served a whopping 1.8 million readers, writers, children, educators, and others by helping them to reach inside and find themselves…and, in the process, each other. The most socially intimate of all art forms, research shows what we knew all along: reading and writing may be the miracle cure for keeping kids in school, growing stronger minds and healthier bodies, and saving businesses billions. 

Our Community

The word “garret” comes from the French word garite, a watchtower and refuge during times of conflict.  The Writer’s Garret reaches beyond these immediate associations to shape a vibrant space with a vision. We bring readers, writers, and communities together under one figurative roof, providing a safe refuge to explore new ideas, study old ones, and to create, create, create.