When I look at myself in the mirror, to myself I say I am proud
But it doesn’t seem true, when I utter these same words aloud

Overworking myself daily, which causes me to be tired
Not understanding when others say, that it’s me who is admired

Sitting by the peaceful brook, not making a sound
I’m in my freest moment here, not feeling bound

Looking at my life-there’s so many fails; perhaps I’ll get the chance, to share the details

Abandon my dreams and escape to where? Would I enter a place of terror over there?

Where they gorge out my eyes, and carve out my heart
But could I possibly emerge with a fettle new start

Maybe I’d present and reveal myself, as a big bright shining figure
Should I confine my imagination or stretch and shift to make my imagination bigger

Sometimes my thoughts mystify, crush sanity, and render me shame
See the only source and organ, sustaining all this data – is my brain

I try hiding behind my shadow, so I can remain obscure
But I’m scoring touchdowns and field goals with those like me for sure

Wonder what would happen if I muted that little voice
That reminds me Who I Am is up to me and totally my choice

Sandra Martin Benton has been writing poetry since the age of ten. In 2011, she wrote one poem a day for the whole year, resulting in 365 poems. Her book of inspirational poems, Cracked Inside Out, was published in 2011. She works in the field of substance abuse at a women’s facility. Each Friday, she reads a poem composed just for them. She is a wife of twenty-five years and a mother of a twenty-three-year-old son.