-1. Obscure conceit: This spillage 
of being is a sticky lie of the womb,
a crush to confine making everything
corporeal escape into light. I don’t care to be
the organ of that message anymore,
muted by the stretch and fettle of biology.
I’d be happy just to mystify the causal
observer now and then. But let’s be honest,
no one can go on shining that long.

2.0. Scoring a shadow: To touch
is to reveal; to reveal is to render;
to carve—a figure; an ideal, a silhouette.
What gives voice to thought?
Not sounding the language aloud.
It’s a shift in the details of an effluent
field. Electrifying, yes, but it’s nothing
to be admired for, bound as it is
to the archive of its nodal

π . A garrulous brook
ever changing its source: And
if I am present, then I am sustaining
the rift, cutting a gorge like a river
of mime through a landscape of noise,
a determinist in chaotic form. Whatever
provisional terror of tangled abandon,
algorithm, and floss—I emerge
as someone, not there.

Dan Collins is a visual artist and poet grateful for the creative community of Dallas, Texas, where he also works in the commercial printing industry. Dan’s poetry has been published in Blue Mesa Review, Naugatuck River Review, Entropy, [Out of Nothing], Thimble, The Boiler, White Rock Zine Machine, Redivider, The New Guard Volume VII and The Blue Moon Observer. Formerly a ‘brain trust’ member/curator of Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase, an invitational reading series.