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Write your way to a new year~

The Elements of Creative Writing


Instructor: Darcy Young
Online; February 21 – April 15, 2017
Tuition: Members ($160); Non-members ($185)
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Via both regular in-class writing exercises and reading discussions, this course offers a comprehensive overview on how to build and sustain a writing practice. The Elements of Creative Writing is designed to help novice writers appreciate how writing is both art and craft, and to give more experienced writers an opportunity to continue to hone and master essential skills. Participants will have ample opportunities to generate new writing and to participate in group critique. Please note: This course is a prerequisite for many of our other offerings.

Flash Fiction, Postcard Essay, & Micro Prose:    

 Exploring Short Forms


February 25; 1-5pm
 A. Kendra Greene, MFA
Tuition: $60 (Members); $90 (Non-members)
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Dare to go shorter. Sudden, short, micro, nano­—whether you call it flash fiction or the postcard essay, join us for a workshop celebrating creative writing’s short forms. If it’s less than 750 words, and especially if it’s a lot less, bring your writing for group discussion. We’ll put your work in context through an overview of the history of short forms and current publication opportunities.

Finding Your Voice


March 4; 1-4pm
 Melissa T. Shultz
Tuition: Members ($90); Non-members ($110)
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All writers have a voice. What’s yours? Sometimes we just need a little help uncovering it and translating our thoughts to the written word. Join author Melissa T. Shultz for this three-hour Saturday memoir workshop filled with exercises and tips to help you discover your natural writing style. Bring paper and pen or a laptop.

Graphic Novels, Children’s Books, & Zines:          

Exploring Illustrated Writing


April 15; 1-5pm
 A. Kendra Greene, MFA
Tuition: $45 (Early Bird Members through March. 29)
$60 (Members); $90 (Non-members)
*All students required to purchase a separate $5 materials expense ticket.
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This workshop is for practitioners of text and image—and those who would like to be. Graphic novels, children’s books, zines, and illustrated writing are just a few points on the spectrum of relationships between text and image. We’ll take a wide view of what is possible. Bring what you’ve been working on, even if so far it’s just text or just image, and we’ll discuss what it can become in the next draft. Materials will be provided, but participants are encouraged to come with their favorite papers and drawing tools.

Strategies in Writing the First Ten Pages


April 30; 1-4pm
Weina Dai Randel
Tuition: $45 (Early Bird Members through April 13)
$60 (Members); $75 (Non-members)
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Feel daunted about writing the first ten pages of your novel? Come to this workshop. We’ll discuss the strategies of writing these pages, the types of beginnings in different novels, and the major elements in writing these pages. You’ll learn what approach fits your narrative style and have a better chance to fully engage your readers from the very beginning.

The Poetry Masterclass


June 17; 1-5pm
Instructor: Nathan Brown
Early Bird $75 (Members only through May 31)
$95 (Members); $120 (Non-members)
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This workshop walks a poem, or poems, through the full process of creation. . . from topic generation to the application of serious editing tools, and then on to completion. We’ll also concentrate on the nature and importance of performing our poems, as well as certain issues of the publication of individual poems and/or books.

  • Topic generation. . . and generous amounts of writing time

  • Applying “Dunn’s Guillotine” to opening lines

  • Applying “Economou’s Razor” to closing lines

  • Detail and Description… but just the right amount

  • Rethinking titles and first lines

  • Moving from the “general” to the “specific”

  • The Power of Brevity

  • Finding a poem’s “chief desire” and sticking to it

  • How to better perform and share our work

  • Some hard truths about publishing