Rail Writers

Keeping the City on Track!

The Writer’s Garret launched Rail Writers in Spring 2016 to help mostly “at risk” urban youth find themselves through reading, writing, and exploring communities while riding the rails. In 2017 we will also work with whole families, writers, veterans, those impacted by cancer, and others, as well as kids to “Write and Ride.”

Riding the Trinity River Express (TRE) rails between Dallas and Fort Worth, students expand their minds and hearts through reading, writing, and exploring communities. After writing original poems and stories tied into their experiences, students hop on and off the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System (DART) giving “flash mob readings” to impromptu audiences.  Many of our students have never traveled beyond their immediate urban neighborhoods and many at the DART stops have never heard a literary reading. This presents an opportunity for them to learn about what other communities, cultures, and commerce our city has to offer. In fact, this program is being supported by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, because they strongly believe in what we can all achieve together.

Current partners include:

  • Deep Vellum Books
  • The Nasher Sculpture Center
  • The Latino Cultural Center
  • Dallas Love Field Airport


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