We change minds. Literally.

All gifts are fully tax-exempt.


  • Your donation can GIVE…
  • 4 hours in an after-school program for a child
  • 2 hours of apprenticeship training
  • 1 hour of working with a veteran, senior, or cancer survivor
  • 1 hour training to create an on-line class or portal
  • Needed supplies and lesson plans for children
($25) GIVE


  • Your donation can PROVIDE…
  • 1 full hour of two writers working with runaway and abused teens
  • 4 hours of writing therapy for those suffering from PTSD, Alzheimer’s, or depression
  • 1-4 hours training for writers
  • Everything $50 supports, only twice as much!
($100) PROVIDE


  • Your donation can DEVELOP…
  • The launch of an innovative new program, like Rail Writers
  • Expansion, evaluations, and oversight
  • Portals and interactive opportunities for literary communities to connect across the globe
  • 25 new youth leaders and mentors
  • 10 weeks of training for “at risk” youth, Veterans, Seniors, and others.
  • Full Semester for Advanced Artist-Level study for a gifted writer
  • Books, Equipment, and Supplies
  • One talented instructor, administrator, and writer for two weeks
  • Unrestricted funds to keep us alive!
($1000) DEVELOP



In the last year…

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Don’t take our word for it.  Read these experiences “Beyond Words”!

The work at the Garret is phenomenal and necessary. Each avenue added and endowed is one that will surely provide successful bridging for the public, the literary audience, those that need writing and those that are coming to literary arts for the first time, as well as for those who teach and provide and give. This center is of the best in the nation and deserves full attention and support. The multimedia and broadcast/podcast endeavors highlighted in near programming are exciting and the time is optimal to move ahead in program expansion, furthering the work so aptly performed by the Garret throughout its tenure in Dallas.

Allison Adele Hedge Coke

American Book Award Winner, "Mentor of the Year," and recent Fellow for the Witter Bynner Foundation

There are many, many people whose passion for reading and writing would be frustrated without the events and people that The Garret bring…The fact that The Writer’s Garret makes such opportunities available outside the confines of the university strikes me as very significant. [It is] clear that veterans of Garret workshops develop a strong sense of community and camaraderie. The Garret [also] does a lot to promote healthy cultural intersections through literature. I only wish The Writer’s Garret could be found in cities and towns all over America.

Tim Seibles

Poet, Winner of the Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize

I can honestly say The Writer’s Garret Community and Mentorship Project changed my life. You see, this remarkable project opened my eyes to possibilities I had not yet dreamed about. And I am privileged to pay it forward not only in the local community but in the community at large. A senior citizen tells me he always wanted to be a writer. He’d like to start a blog about retirees, but thinks he’s too old. Oh but you’re not, I tell him. Just go for it. Take a class. Take a chance. You might find your life changing, too. Just like mine has at age 73.

Drema Hall Berkheimer

Author, RUNNING ON RED DOG ROAD And Other Perils of An Appalachian Childhood and proud graduate of Writers' CAMP

Having worked through The Writer’s Garret over the years in various school and community programs, I can vouch that a splendid array of writing citizens of all ages and styles are attracted to participate in their programs, and their school initiatives are inspiring and uplifting for presenters as well as student participants. The Writer’s Garret is definitely one of the finest community writing organizations I’ve had the privilege of working with in my 40 years as a freelance community presenter all over the country and world.

Naomi Shihab Nye

Poet, Children's Author, Fiction Writer, Editor, Winner National Poetry Series