Your donation of services, goods, or cash contributions provides the necessary resources that we need not just to survive, but to thrive. Because language shapes the human heart and individual mind, we change lives wherever you can imagine. Our cause is your cause, whether it’s education, at-risk youth, arts, cancer survival, Veterans in recovery, literature, seniors, mentoring, or family literacy.

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Leadership Opportunities

Our many communities need leaders. No matter where you live or what your talents, your skills can help us to change lives and minds. Our growth depends on expertise across the spectrum of community needs.  Whether your bragging rights include an MBA or 30 years as an inner-city school teacher, we need project directors, trainers, mentors, task force leaders, trustees, and more.

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We provide as many volunteer opportunities as letters in the alphabet: A for artists, B for Board, C for Committees, just for starters. Bored with kids in school? Need a resume builder? Between jobs? Whatever your skills–filing papers, mentoring youth, editing journals, raising funds, tweeting followers–we need you!

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