Professional Development

The Writer’s Garret is a TEA approved Continuing Professional Education provider. Our Write Ways! program offers teachers the opportunity to learn the value of creative writing in today’s changing classroom. While schools remain test-driven, the good news is that those standardized examinations now test for originality, voice, and organization—skills our enrichment programs teach in abundance. Additionally, SAT tests now cover free-writing and reading comprehension, doing away with the useless analogy-testing of the past. We help teachers navigate these forgotten waters by reminding them of tried and true—as well as the very latest—methods for inspiring young people to improve their reading and writing skills.
Our writing instructors live the writing process, and they can help teachers learn how to apply writing across the curriculum. We’ve worked with both language arts and non-language arts teachers to help them excite and educate their students with the written word. Writing doesn’t always begin with a paper, a pencil, and a prompt, and this model rarely works with every learning style. Write Ways! explains how to use other brainstorming techniques such as movement, music, art, history, and outdoor excursions to interest the students in writing.

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